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 Out-of-body experiences

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PostSubject: Out-of-body experiences   Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:53 am

An out-of-body experience (OBE or sometimes OOBE), is an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside of one's body and, in some cases, perceiving one's physical body from a place outside one's body (autoscopy).

The term out of body experience was introduced by Robert Monroe in 1971 as a bias-free alternative to belief-centric labels such as "astral projection" or "spirit walking".
Though the term 'conveniently' distances scientific researchers from problematic concepts such as the soul, scientists still know little about the phenomenon.

Statistically, one in ten people has experienced an out-of-body experience at some time in their lives.
OBEs are often part of the near-death experience, and reportedly may also lead to astral projection.

Those who have experienced OBEs sometimes claim to have observed details which were unknown to them beforehand.

In some cases the phenomenon appears to occur spontaneously; in others it is associated with a physical or mental trauma, use of psychedelic drugs, dissociative drugs, or a dream-like state.
Many techniques aiming to induce the experience deliberately have been developed, for example visualization while in a relaxed, meditative state.
Recent (2007) studies have shown that experiences somewhat similar to OBEs can be induced by direct brain stimulation.
Some of those who experience OBEs claimed to have willed themselves out of their bodies, while others report having found themselves being pulled from their bodies (usually preceded by a feeling of paralysis).
In other accounts, the feeling of being outside the body was suddenly realised after the fact, and the saw their own bodies almost by accident.
OBEs often occur during the borderline stage between REM sleep and arousal when sleep paralysis may persist and dream imagery may mingle with sensory input.

Some neurologists have suspected that the event is triggered by a mismatch between visual and tactile signals.

(This reply intended as an informational but not definitive guide based on current scientific theories).
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PostSubject: Re: Out-of-body experiences   Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:50 am

Has anyone on here actually ever had one?

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PostSubject: Re: Out-of-body experiences   Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:59 am

I'm saying nowt ....... Said all I wanted to in my posting on the old forum !!
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PostSubject: Re: Out-of-body experiences   

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Out-of-body experiences
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